What We Do

NexInfo Solutions, Inc.

Organizations with complex supply chain processes are constantly struggling with pressure to sense, shape, and respond to real-time market demands, all while evaluating opportunities, enhanced capabilities, and avoiding risk. NexInfo focuses on solving critical business challenges, across multi-functional areas, to provide pinnacle value to all our clients. We bring industry experienced consultants and a methodology, with a proven track record. to transform complex business problems and processes into an effective, automated design.

  • We enhance your strategic and tactical planning capabilities

  • We re-design and improve your Supply Chain Efficiency and Supply Chain Response

  • We provide expertise for you to achieve Regulatory Compliance (SOX, HIPAA etc.)

  • We provide expertise to Manage Projects better - strategic and tactical

NexInfo Headquarters

1851 East 1st Street,

Suite 900,

Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone. (714) 955-6970

Email. sales@NexInfo.com